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Who Plays Here?

Kids who live in the Reynolds School District boundaries who are looking to play pee wee, farm, midgets, and juniors, can sign up through our league this year. Gresham Junior Baseball will only have Senior Level teams this year and are trying to rebuild their program so we are taking in the younger kids. Please pass the word on!

Feel free to call us at 503-806-5709 with any questions.

Where do we play regular season games?
Pat Pfeiffer Park is our home field.
424 NE 172nd Ave, Portland Or.
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Why Choose Junior Baseball?
Junior Baseball uses modified high school rules. If your child wants to learn the game and learn how to be competitive to continue playing in high school, we give them the opportunity.

We allow lead-offs and stealing. We move the pitcher mound and basepath as the children grow. We keep like ages together. We don’t have all-stars because every team stays together and all kids get to play; no one sits the entire game on the bench!

Player Development: 
Junior baseball provides the opportunity for any child to play with youth of comparable skill and age levels. This differs from other organizations that have wide ranges of age and skill levels playing together on the same teams, limiting player development and the playing time of some players. Our most skilled players team with like skilled players. Our moderate to lesser skilled levels compete with similar players from other areas.

Playing Field:
Our field size is adjusted for each of three age levels1. This allows players to play on a field that matches their strength. Less often does a single player dominate a game. At the same time the quality of play is better at the lesser skill levels.

Real Baseball Rules:
Players learn skills and tactics consistent with high school rules. Base runners lead off, pitchers throw from the stretch, and at most levels a “dropped third strike” is live. This helps players develop more quickly and gain a more advanced understanding of the game. At the same time, our lesser skill and age levels play with a per inning run limit to keep the score and game in perspective.

Our season is more focused on summer play than other organizations. We generally begin in mid to late April and continue through Mid July. Teams that wish to play more enter tournaments, available at all levels, on weekends.

Players from Midgets through Seniors, at all skill levels, compete for berths in County and State competition against other teams in their skill and age levels.

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