Rain Out Procedure


Please follow the steps below for Home games that are rained out or need to be rescheduled.

  • Rainout determination needs to be done no later than 4pm on game day.
  • Notify the opposing coach by 4pm or sooner.
  • Notify Umpire Coordinator (for Umpires) no later than 4pm (PHONE THEM!)
  • Email Charene and Tanya requesting 3 dates you can supply to the opposing coach for make-up dates.
  • Notify Charene, Tanya, and Umpire Coordinator by email which date the other team accepted.
  • Verify the on-line Field Schedule is updated with your changes.
  • Contact information for board members is here

If you schedule a game for a day when there is no Concessions coverage it’s your teams responsibility to work the concessions. Let me know if you need a board member to open and close for you.
Coaches, the on-line field schedule determines if you have a field for practice or games. Please keep Charene and Tanya updated with any and all field schedule changes.

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